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Steampunk Sunglasses | CSS-019-01 | Keepioneer

(20 customer reviews)


Model:  CSS-019-01
Frame Material:  Alloy Frame
Lenses Material:  PC Lenses
Optical Attribute:  UV 400
Avaiable Colors:  6 Colors
Gender:  Unisex
Temple Length:  142 mm
Frame Width:  137 mm
Frame Height:  49 mm
Bridge:  22 mm
Lenses:  49 mm
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Why are they called steampunk sunglasses?

Aesthetically, steampunk sunglasses is therefore a fantasized version of the fashion of the 19th century. And so, ideally, steam punk sunglasses should look like what people were wearing in the 19th century.

Who wears punk sunglasses?

Steampunk style sunglasses are emblematic of the steampunk genre and a must have for any steamsona! Whether you are a dandy of the Victorian era, a mad scientist or a zeppelin pilot, no steampunk outfit would be complete without a pair of sunglasses.

What is vintage steampunk sunglasses mean?

Steampunk is a design style inspired by Victorian-era industrialism. Science fiction author K.W. Jeter is created the term steampunk in 1987, to describe a style of fantasy fiction that featured Victorian technology, especially technology powered by steam.

Where did steampunk fashion sunglasses originated?

First, Steampunk inspiration comes from the Victorian Age, from 1837 to 1901. The movement “reaches directly into the pocket of Victorian England and predicts what the world would be like today had its inhabitants and inventors prevailed over modern technology.”

Why is steampunk circle sunglasses so popular?

Steampunk produces a vivid image of a place you think you’ve been but haven’t. So, reading books in this genre brings about a unique brand of déjà vu and nostalgia for a memory never experienced. It’s a magical contradiction that floats off the page and into the subconscious.

How do you wear antique steampunk glasses?

Aviation sunglasses and blowtorching sunglasses are among the most popular, though sunglasses may be incorporated into ones sunglasses as well. sunglasses do not necessarily have to be functional, as many enthusiasts wear them as a hair band, on top of their heads, around their necks, or on top of their hats.

How to wear mirrored steampunk sunglasses properly?

Wear your sunglasses on top of your head. Just remember where they are. You should also ensure your sunsunglasses aren’t too loose or too tight if you want to do this, as if they are too loose, they may fall off, and they may not fit if they are too tight. Wearing sunsunglasses on your head for too long can stretch them.

Why do I look so good in sunglasses?

Now this is no dig on you, it’s a given that every person in the world has a face, that is not perfectly symmetrical, that’s just how we are born. But when you put on a pair of sunsunglasses, your face instantly becomes more symmetrical, and research on facial attractiveness links symmetry and our perception of beauty.

Why do cool people wear sunglasses?

Many celebrities wear sunglasses, because they like how they look or don’t want other people to see their eyes. And sometimes, celebrities wear sunsunglasses for practical reasons,like protecting their eyes from glare or UV rays—something we can all benefit from.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

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20 reviews for Steampunk Sunglasses | CSS-019-01 | Keepioneer

  1. Johnny

    I did some shopping around but chose the Dollger Steampunk which offered 2 for a great price and I thought well, I’ll give them a try and buy them and I am so glad I did! Each pair comes with a protective zipper case with a quick-clip ring, a soft pull-string pouch bag, a soft anti-scratch polishing cloth and a metal eye glass keyring screwdriver both phillips and slotted. Now, as for the shades themselves, sleek, sturdy, light weight, well built and super cool. Once mine arrived and my wife saw them, she ordered a pair for herself! So, if you want to keep the UV’s out of your eyes and at the same time look cool with style for a great 2 for 1 price, push the buy now button and see for yourself.

  2. Juneaux Firefly

    The sunglasses are great looking and fit well. The only thing is I would have liked to have the standard spring hinges. Otherwise a great value and I look forward to continued use.

  3. Ran2Chaos

    I have the green purple lens gold version and I love the ridiculousness of these sunglasses. They have so many superfluous parts like the flaps on the side of the rim to the arms having these small hooks that do nothing it’s just wonderful nonsense. My coworker saw this on me and had to buy two. I didn’t flaunt it or anything, in fact I was annoyed he wanted one because I thought it overshadowed my look.
    Another thing that I love is that I can drive with a pretty bright sun in front and not feel so bothered, I don’t look directly of course but nevertheless I feel like I actually could (don’t do that).

    Now for the slight negatives. The flaps sitting on the sides of the lenses slightly blind my peripheral vision kind of like racehorse blinkers keeping my focus straight ahead. I had to get used to the tiny blind spots it gave me when driving. Another slight issue was the packaging had the glasses case open with the glasses having been left outside and the complimentary wipe smushed leaving it a little wrinkled. I won’t complain too much because the lenses didn’t seem damaged and the container had a second complimentary lens cleaning cloth but this is to let the packager know and warn anyone ordering this that it may come jangled up.

    All in all it’s so ridiculous but pretty and cheap. Would buy more but I don’t need anymore

  4. Bruno

    Feels sturdy and comes with a very nice case

  5. LeAndrew Spears

    Cool looking pair of glasses I like them so much have got a lot of compliments

  6. Corythebeast

    Love the glasses and had to get a second pair for my father in law.
    Steam punk sunglasses

  7. Jeffrey Wilson

    Very nice glasses!

  8. Jonathan Bragg

    The Original Steam Punk, I love these glasses, the lenses never fog up, they really help me when driving through glare or fog
    Thank you

    Punk Sunglasses

  9. Gian s.

    Great fit love the look would definitely order again.

  10. Brad Barton

    I was surprised when I got these. They aren’t bad for the price.

  11. ViloH

    It arrived quickly. The case it comes in is nice too.

  12. Lawrence

    I purchase these expecting them to be HD. The glasses are a dream fit, delicate and can possibly break easily from rigorous Handling.

  13. Ohmgirl912

    I like them, they are comfortable, and they look great. But be warned, if you have an iPhone these prohibit facial recognition. I own a pair of the black ones and this is my only gripe about them. I would purchase again, but a different color.

  14. Shirley Oxley

    I didn’t expect such perfection and quality! I didnt know they came with a great zippered hard case and a cloth bag or the screwdriver and cleaning cloth. I put the on and the clearity was astounding. The colors were amazing! Gosh I Love these glasses. I will order some again for sure.

  15. Carlos Corvera

    Me gusto el estilo y son muy cómodos.

  16. SG

    I generally have a small head and worry about glasses fitting comfortably without giving a headache, but these are the perfect size. And on top of that, they are so incredibly stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Degartria G. Jackson III

    Like shades more, was going to make the gold my actual bifocals but received them later

  18. Bobby

    I just received them, was impressed with the packaging, the glasses themselves seem great, good fit, haven’t worn them yet only had them 2 days and haven’t gone out with them yet, that is the only reason I only gave them 4 stars for overall rating and comfort, after spending some time in them this weekend, I will probably get back and update the rating.

  19. Susan Wong

    These came with a hard case, soft pouch and lens wipe and a mini screw driver.
    They feel very sturdy.
    Will buy more from this company.
    Round Punk Glasses

  20. Phoenix ta

    i originally bought the red lens with the black frame and suuper fell in love with it because of how opaque it was, it made everything look red and it just looked super cool! the frame is pretty comfy too, but i’m not quite sure what the purpose of the spring on the frame is for, and i worry that if they were to come off somehow that it’d affect the structural integrity of the sunglasses.
    i just received my pair with the green lens and a gold/white frame and it’s also super cool! in the packaging and from certain angles while holding the sunglasses, it doesn’t appear green, but when you put it on it’s obviously green to others. my confusion is that when looking through the lens, they have a more translucent light purple and blue color that you see vs where the red pair you only see red. perhaps it’s just light reflection?

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