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Punk Sunglasses | CSS-011-01 | Keepioneer

(21 customer reviews)


Model:  CSS-011-01
Frame Material:  Alloy Frame
Lenses Material:  AC Lenses
Optical Attribute:  UV 400
Avaiable Colors:  6 Colors
Gender:  Men
Temple Length:  139 mm
Frame Width:  140 mm
Frame Height:  45 mm
Bridge:  18 mm
Lenses:  54 mm
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Why are they called steampunk sunglasses?

Aesthetically, steampunk sunglasses is therefore a fantasized version of the fashion of the 19th century. And so, ideally, steam punk sunglasses should look like what people were wearing in the 19th century.

Who wears punk sunglasses?

Steampunk style sunglasses are emblematic of the steampunk genre and a must have for any steamsona! Whether you are a dandy of the Victorian era, a mad scientist or a zeppelin pilot, no steampunk outfit would be complete without a pair of sunglasses.

What is vintage steampunk sunglasses mean?

Steampunk is a design style inspired by Victorian-era industrialism. Science fiction author K.W. Jeter is created the term steampunk in 1987, to describe a style of fantasy fiction that featured Victorian technology, especially technology powered by steam.

Where did steampunk fashion sunglasses originated?

First, Steampunk inspiration comes from the Victorian Age, from 1837 to 1901. The movement “reaches directly into the pocket of Victorian England and predicts what the world would be like today had its inhabitants and inventors prevailed over modern technology.”

Why is steampunk circle sunglasses so popular?

Steampunk produces a vivid image of a place you think you’ve been but haven’t. So, reading books in this genre brings about a unique brand of déjà vu and nostalgia for a memory never experienced. It’s a magical contradiction that floats off the page and into the subconscious.

How do you wear antique steampunk glasses?

Aviation sunglasses and blowtorching sunglasses are among the most popular, though sunglasses may be incorporated into ones sunglasses as well. sunglasses do not necessarily have to be functional, as many enthusiasts wear them as a hair band, on top of their heads, around their necks, or on top of their hats.

How to wear mirrored steampunk sunglasses properly?

Wear your sunglasses on top of your head. Just remember where they are. You should also ensure your sunsunglasses aren’t too loose or too tight if you want to do this, as if they are too loose, they may fall off, and they may not fit if they are too tight. Wearing sunsunglasses on your head for too long can stretch them.

Why do I look so good in sunglasses?

Now this is no dig on you, it’s a given that every person in the world has a face, that is not perfectly symmetrical, that’s just how we are born. But when you put on a pair of sunsunglasses, your face instantly becomes more symmetrical, and research on facial attractiveness links symmetry and our perception of beauty.

Why do cool people wear sunglasses?

Many celebrities wear sunglasses, because they like how they look or don’t want other people to see their eyes. And sometimes, celebrities wear sunsunglasses for practical reasons,like protecting their eyes from glare or UV rays—something we can all benefit from.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

CSS-011-01A, CSS-011-01B, CSS-011-01C, CSS-011-01D, CSS-011-01E, CSS-011-01F

21 reviews for Punk Sunglasses | CSS-011-01 | Keepioneer

  1. Al

    These feel like quality eyewear considering how affordable they are. They look good. Perfect for my Stark costume.

  2. Huh

    Love the view through these. Looks good on too. Thanks!

  3. ✨grace✨

    I saw some reviews saying they were too big, but they seem alright. I think the style is just big.
    They’re pretty sturdy for the price (obviously don’t step on them or anything) and aren’t loose.
    I love that they came with a mini screwdriver keychain to fix any wiggly legs.

  4. Anthony Marsh Jr

    They are just as authentic as is depicted on screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. A must have for any MCU Spider-Man and Iron Man cosplayer.

  5. Priscila Ramirez

    These Tony Star sunglasses look great on my husband!
    My husband loves his shades and I bought them for my uncle as well because when he saw my husband wearing them he wanted them too. They come well packaged and they look great! Would recommend it.

  6. Paulina

    I needed sunglasses, got them for the looks. The company was really thoughtful, it came in a pouch with glass cleaner cloth, and a tightening mini screwdriver.
    Tony Stark Sunglasses

  7. Kaitlyn Howard

    Got this as a gift for someone for secret Santa. Fairly fast shipping and look just like the pictures. My person immediately put them on and didn’t take them off for the rest of the secret Santa party, safe to assume they loved them. 🙂

  8. Daniel

    Got exactly what I expected to get. Wife loved them as a present.

  9. Tyler Lloyd

    Love it

  10. IT Developer 2028

    Ok, these sun glasses have that perfect Tony Stark look. They are also very well designed. The problem is with direct sun light. Ok I’ve put these on and had issues with direct sun light in my peripheral vision. The sun would be glaring in my peripheral vision while I’m driving. Generally, that’s not really a good thing. Also, my eyes weren’t that protected from the direct sun light. As a result, my eyes were irritated from sun exposure. But that was expected. So, they look good and are fancy for just being out there having fun. But when you need some serious protection, you’d better lean back and get your Serengeti sunglasses or whatever other brand you use to get the job done.

  11. Gabriel

    I bought these for a last minute Halloween costume, but I am actually super impressed and might buy another pair just to wear for myself day to day. They’re surprisingly sturdy for a 12$ pair of shades, and I love the blue tint of the lenses. And they do look just like Tony Stark’s!

  12. Rachel Sims

    Well made, thumbs up!

  13. Alisha T.

    Looks great on my husband!

  14. Jazzmin

    These are great. My boyfriend loves them. He is a nerd for avengers and these are replica of the one and only tony stark glasses. They seem durable. They have a screwdriver included to use for screws of they get loose and comes with a nice material case to store them so they dont get scratched. They dont really protect your eyes from the sun, so thats why they only got 4 stars. All around great glasses.

  15. Bozmom

    The only thing about these glasses that I won’t give 5 stars for is the uv protection isn’t there…
    These glasses are for fashion only…

  16. Laughing Coyote

    They are great, polarized and stylish, but the nose pads are not soft, they are same material as the frame, so it leaves marks. Isn’t too uncomfortable though surprisingly.

  17. Nick Fuentes

    It’s stylish but definitely wish it protected from sunlight more.
    Punk Sunglasses

  18. Dj Anthony Alvarado

    muy buenas, excelente material

  19. Mariela

    Si me gustan, ya que el producto lo puedo utilizar de dia y de noche.

  20. Makayla

    I’ve gotten lots of complements so far on these. The only downside is the nose rests are a little low and the nose bridge part rests on the bridge of my nose. It is a thin piece of metal and it hurts a little on the bridge but other than that it’s great.
    Steam Punk Glasses

  21. Meghan

    Love the look, do not feel cheap, pretty durable as I have already dropped them multiple times. Love the level of tint on the glasses and they are definitely unique. I have not seen a pair like them in my area

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