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Bamboo Sunglasses | CSS-401-01 | Keepioneer


Model:  CSS-401-01
Frame Material:  Bamboo Frame
Lenses Material:  PC Lenses
Optical Attribute:  UV 400/HD Polarized
Avaiable Colors:  5 Colors
Gender:  Men
Temple Length:  150 mm
Frame Width:  146 mm
Frame Height:  49 mm
Bridge:  17 mm
Lenses:  67 mm
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What does bamboo sunglasses mean?

Bamboo sunglasses, or anti-glare, sunglass lenses reduce light glare and eyestrain. Because of this, mens polarized sunglasses improve vision and safety in the sun. When working or playing outdoors, you can become frustrated and even temporarily blinded by reflected light and glare.

What is the primary purpose of bamboo sunglasses?

The purpose of polarised lenses is to cut glare from reflective surfaces, meaning they should be worn in situations or environments where a high level of glare is present which often includes bodies of water or snow.

Which is better UV or bamboo sunglasses?

Bamboo sunglasses are ideal for wearing all year round but especially in the winter. They reflect harmful rays from surfaces like buildings, water, and snow where they can be most damaging. If you’re skiing, snowboarding, or riding your motorcycle, you should not wear polarized lenses

Who should wear bamboo sunglasses?

Even when glare is not a safety issue, it can impact your ability to see clearly. Athletes and outdoor hobbyists often use polarized sunglasses so they can see with a higher degree of precision. Polarized sunglasses may also give you a more accurate portrayal of colours than non-polarized sunglasses.

Do I really need bamboo sunglasses?

Bamboo sunglasses are worth it if they meet your lifestyle needs. They’re excellent if you spend time outdoors, live in a snowy climate, or drive a lot. If you’re looking for a pair of polarized sunglasses, remember to ensure they have 99 to 100% UV protection to prevent damage to your eyes.

Can I wear bamboo sunglasses at night?

Although vintage designer shades help lessen glare from approaching vehicles, they don’t assist in nighttime driving and may even be dangerous because they block light in an environment where there is already little light, which can impair your vision.

Is vintage designer sunglasses good for driving?

Yes. vintage designer shades are good for driving because they can lead to a safer commute. Daytime driving with polarized sunglasses works in any season. You can also wear them at night, as they help with the glare from oncoming traffic or brightly lit street lights.

Is 100% UV protection as good as polarized?

Sunglasses will offer 100% UV Protection. For the sake of argument, 99% or even 98% are considered acceptable. Polarized glasses offer the same protection but also offer protection against rays that “ bounce” off things such as water, snow and other horizontal surfaces.

When should you not wear vintage designer sunglasses?

Polarized vs. Non-Polarized Sunglasses
For example, pilots or those who operate heavy machinery shouldn’t wear polarized sunglasses. If you’re driving at night or in low-light situations. If you want to be aware of glare. For example, snowboarders and skiers want to be able to avoid icy areas.

What color polarized lens is best?

Gray is generally better for bright, hazy, sunny conditions. Amber is often better for cloudy, overcast days and rain. As mentioned above, some people feel yellow helps them with contrast when driving at night, too.

Are vintage designer sunglasses expensive?

The frames, materials, and brand you choose will influence the cost of your sunglasses, whether they are polarized or not. Polarized glasses tend to start at $25 and can cost up to $450 or more if you choose a designer label. A regular pair of sunglasses can cost about the same.

Can I wear vintage designer sunglasses everyday?

Vintage designer sunglasses are designed to reduce glare and improve visual comfort, particularly in bright conditions, such as during outdoor activities or while driving. They are generally safe to wear for extended periods of time and do not have any negative effects on the eyes when used properly.

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